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How You Can Help

2 years 11 months ago #43693 by ASRL Committee
ASRL Committee created the topic: How You Can Help
Crews are asked to understand that they play a large part in the success of any event. Work with the Officials to keep the ball rolling and we can all get off the beach each day with something left in the tank.

Remember as crews you will have 2 sessions of racing either on Friday & Sunday or Saturday and Sunday if you make the finals day. Our Officials will have 3 full days on the beach something we should all try to understand life in their shoes.

We will be asking for two lines of crews to be ready to race so heat 1 on the line with heat 2 also ready. Should we recall Heat 1 they will vacate the arena quickly and heat 2 will be called into the water so we reduce the down time.

We are determined to cut the turn around times right down and with Officials & Competitors all pulling together this will happen.

Fast racing equals enjoyable racing, thanks for entering and lets make this one a beauty.

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