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14 years 8 months ago - 11 years 3 months ago #2 by admin
admin created the topic: Forum Rules
The ASRL Forum Rules (in no particular order of importance)

As of March, 2011 you MUST be a financial member of the ASRL to register and post on the ASRL Forum. International residents who are not financial members will be considered for forum registration upon submission to the ASRL Committee. A reasonable period of time will be allowed for existing forum members to pay membership fees before having privileges revoked. Membership is NOT required to read the forum. ANYONE is able to peruse all areas of the forum.

It is forbidden to personally attack another user(s). You have the right to express your opinion, but do not belittle, attack or otherwise libel other user(s) whilst doing so.

Don't use profanity. Instead of swearing use symbols like "&%*$#!@^!".

Personal discussions between two or a few members not related to the ASRL and Surf Boat Rowing belong outside of these forums. Remember that this place is not a chat server.

Anyone posting what could be considered as "hate speech" by reasonable people will be immediately banned.

Postings containing profanity and no content will be deleted and the member will be warned/banned.

Anyone who posts just to increase their forum stats or post topics out of boredom risks having their topics closed, removed and/or membership revoked.
Multiple accounts are not allowed. Each individual is limited to one forum account. Members who have/use multiple account risk being banned from the site.

Do not pretend to be/represent somebody else. This includes posting information for other members under their login. Violators will be deleted.

Discussions or photos that are deemed pornographic by site administration will be subject to moderation or deletion.

Post your comment/question to the most appropriate place. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved. Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.

No baiting. Dropping things in the forums just to stir the waters will not be tolerated.

The administrators reserve the right to edit, delete or modify a post at any time without explanation.

The administrators reserve the right to add, modify, or remove any of these rules at any time. Rule changes apply to past, current and future posts.

Administrators have the final say in any rule dispute.

Non-Compliance to Rules

A three strike system is in effect for any user failing to fully comply with the rules:

First Offence: A warning.
Second Offence: Individual forum or forum-wide suspension.
Third Offence: A permanent site-wide ban.
In severe cases the offender may be banned before making 3 offences.

The ASRL Committee
Last Edit: 11 years 3 months ago by admin. Reason: revised rules

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