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How to add a streaming video to your posts

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14 years 6 months ago - 14 years 6 months ago #1505 by Webmaster
Webmaster created the topic: How to add a streaming video to your posts
Registered Users of this forum are now able to add streaming video content to their posts from 3rd party sources such as YouTube & Google Video.

The process is reasonably straight-forward but it might take a bit to explain as it requires you to enter a small amount of code into your post to get the videos to work. Unfortunately, I can’t use actual code examples to show you exactly what I mean, because if I do you won’t see the code example – it will show up as a video box!! So for demo purposes, I’ve had to replace a } with a ). I hope this makes sense. Here goes…

I’ll explain the code required for the 3 x most popular video sources, being YouTube, Google & Yahoo!

YouTube – you need to type anywhere into the body of your post:
Replace the “the_video_id” part with the actual id of the YouTube video you wish to insert. The video_id is the reference that comes after the = in the browser address bar. For example if the link on your browser displays
then your video_id is cdXTDovB9K8.

The code you need to enter into your post is: {youtube}cdXTDovB9K8{youtube)

Now the part to confuse you – see the ) at the end of the {/youtube) above – replace that round bracket “)” with a curly bracket “}” like the rest of the code. As I mentioned, I can’t type in the actual correct code example as it won’t show here in the forum.

Google Video – same as above but use {google}the_video_id{/google)

The video_id for Google Video is the part in the address browser that comes after \"docid=\" For example if the link on your browser displays video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3406925506469882756 then your video_id is -3406925506469882756 Please note that in some cases there amy be a minus sign (-) before the last sequence of digits or not! If the minus sign is there, you must add it.

Yahoo! Video – same again but use: {yahoo}the_video_id{/yahoo}

The video_id is everything AFTER the last DOT (or full stop) in the browser address. For example if the link on your browser displays video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=c860df3cc....1155220&cache=1 then your video_id is 1155220&cache=1 meaning everything that is AFTER the last DOT on the link!

I hope that makes some sense. Just remember to replace that last round bracket ) in the example above with a curly bracket }. Insert the type of video to load between the curly brackets and then insert the video_id between the two bits of code. That's it. Good luck:laugh:
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