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Win a new Surfboat for your Club!

Win a new Surfboat!The ASRL Committee have now confirmed that we will put a brand new surfboat up for grabs as a prize that will be drawn at the ASRL Open. The boat must be and remain prominently branded "Team Navy" for a minimum of 3 years.

This is how the competition will work:

  1. At each Navy event day conducted in WA, SA, Tas, Vic & Qld (NSW Crews see item 7 below) each attending crew will receive 2 x Tokens into the draw
  2. At the Season Launch held on 5 Dec at Surfers Paradise attending crews will receive 2 Tokens
  3. At the Sat of Manly carnival you will receive 1 x Token
  4. At the ASRL Short Course Championship event at Manly attending crews will receive 2 x Tokens
  5. At the ASRL Open attending crews will receive 4 x Tokens
  6. To be eligible to receive the Token each crew must have joined as a member of the ASRL via any of the systems available and all crew members MUST be wearing the NAVY singlet; NO SINGLET AND NOT JOINED UP NO TOKEN
  7. For NSW crews; as no specific Navy Series is available you will collect tokens at Coffs, Mollymook, Manly (Sat event) plus the special events noted above and you must have completed a crew membership before the date of the actual Token Day event AND BE WEARING THE Navy singlet
  8. In all cases you must be wearing your Navy singlets as a crew to be eligible

How the boat prize works:

  • The ASRL will make available a sum of $30,000 inc GST to the boat winner which is to include the branding logo "Team Navy"
  • The winner can then negotiate the purchase with the boat builder of choice
  • If the boat costs more the winner will be required to make up the shortfall
  • If the boat costs less the winner can use the balance on other equipment
  • The draw will be made and announced at the ASRL Open in Feb Sun 21

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