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SLSA Bulletin - 2013 Helmet Policy - Updated Implementation

Click here to download the Policy BulletinBackground:

In August 2013 the SLSA Board made a decision to mandate the wearing of surf helmets in surf boat competition and in surf boat training effective 1 January 2014 (see SLSA Bulletin 02/13-14 issued 26/08/2013).

Since the release of this decision, a number of operational impacts and considerations have been evaluated in consultation with the Australian Surf Rowers League (ASRL) and State/Territory centres to ensure an effective implementation of the SLSA Board decisions. SLSA reinforces that surf helmets will become mandatory in both training and competition. The following decisions relate to the implementation of these decisions.


Throughout implementation of this decision, SLSA shall continue to consult closely with the SLSA Surf Boat Committee / ASRL to ensure all impacts on surf boat participants are well considered, safe and appropriate.

You can download the Bulletin by clicking HERE or on the Bulletin image (pdf reader required)


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